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Our Location
1090 Lincoln Ave, Suite 6C,
San Jose, CA 95125

(In Lynda Caisip CMT Salon)

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(510) 684-0386
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10AM - 7PM



One of the best massages I’ve ever had! Before the massage she asked me if anything hurt, or if she should focus on any areas. I told her that my lower back and neck were a bit tight. She was able to focus on the lower back and neck, and helped stretch my legs, arms, and lower back. She was able to apply good appropriate pressure. I find that a lot of massage therapists aren’t able to apply enough pressure, but that was no issue for Rei, the pressure was perfect, and at the end of the massage I felt loose and relaxed. Would definitely recommend and go again!



I was very satisfied with her massage! She took enough time to do counseling to provide me with good care for pregnant before starting massage. I'd like to recommend her to not only for pregnant but everyone!



If you want deep tissue, this is the massage for you! It can be painful, but your body feels amazing afterwards! Rei will customize the massage for you, so you don't have to go that hard, but I love it!!



I’m Rei Tan, a Massage therapist in the Bay Area.

Prologue info


Shiatsu Benefits

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of therapeutic bodywork, that combines Chinese concepts of medicine, traditional Japanese therapies, as well as more modern western knowledge in order to harmonize the body. While its modern research has been limited, multitudes of benefits have been found. Listed here are some of the documented benefits, feel free to click on the images to view the studies from trusted scientific societies and foundations that support each benefit.

Reduces Stress

A Japanese cancer study showed that with just a simple passive shiatsu treatment there was both a reduction in anxiety and an increase in patient's relaxation and overall comfort.

Increases Sleep Quality

Studies with cancer patients have shown an increase in well-being and quality of life with a 35% decrease in fatigue and a general increase in quality of sleep and overall energy.

Helps with Joint Pain

The Arthritis Foundation, the largest nonprofit organization for America's leading cause of disability, recommends shiatsu as a complementary natural therapy to help with joint pain.

Rei Shiatsu

Newbury Park

1090 Lincoln Ave, Suite 6C,
San Jose, CA 95125

Text: (510) 684-0386

Opening Hours
10AM - 7PM

We are located in Lynda Caisip CMT Salon.

What to Expect

Massage sessions combine elements of acupuncture and stretching into a full body massage. We recommend loose-fitting clothing such as pajamas, we have a room that you can change in, in order to get the best experience. The first half of the session you will be lying on your stomach and then on your back during the later half. If you can't lie on your stomach or have any difficulties you may like on your side or back. In the beginning of the massage the pressure will be light before gradually transitioning stronger. Please let us know at any time if you experience any pain or discomfort.


After the Session

You should drink lots of water and continue to stretch your entire body. Because we will be working muscles that you may not usually work with regularly, your blood flow may improve causing dizziness, so please move with care. Also be aware that drinking alcohol on the day of the session may cause you to get drunk faster than normal.